Wyndham Grand Algarve’s
Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy

Environmental and social issues are currently major challenges for humanity. Only with a serious and real commitment from the whole society will it be possible to overcome these problems and contribute to a better and more sustainable planet, today, tomorrow, and always.

The Wyndham Grand Algarve (WGA) assumes its responsibility in these matters and has defined an Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy, which includes work developed to minimize the environmental impacts associated with the hotel's activity.  (This is supported by a culture of continuous improvement in the hotel's environmental and social performance).

The main guidelines of the WGA Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy are:

  • The sustainable use of resources; including (but not limited to) rational water and energy management.
  • The implementation of circular economy concepts to reduce waste,
  • Improvement of "selective collection" with a focus upon optimal waste management.
  • The training and awareness of all employees, partners, and customers about the importance of their contribution to a sustainable and socially responsible future.
  • The involvement of the hotel team in local social and environmental "solidarity" actions.

The WGA Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy is available for review here

As part of our commitment to environmental and social sustainability, WGA has joined the Green Key program.

The Green Key is an international awarded program, that promotes sustainable tourism in Portugal through the recognition of establishments that implement good environmental and social sustainability practices.

This initiative is the responsibility of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FFF) and is coordinated in Portugal by the Associação Bandeira Azul da Europa (ABAE).

For more information, please visit the websites:

ABAE - https://greenkey.abae.pt

FEE - https://www.fee.global

Foundation for Environmental Education

Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is the world's largest environmental education organisation, with members in 77 countries. Through their five ground-breaking programmes, they encourage people to act and help create a more sustainable world.




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