Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

In the face of environmental emergencies, the Wyndham Grand Algarve (WGA) assumes its responsibility to the planet. We have defined an Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy, which guides our efforts to lower our impact and strive for improved environmental and social performance.

our goals

Sustainable use of resources, including rational water, energy management and others

Implementation of circular economy concepts to reduce waste

Improvement of selective collection and proper waste management

Training and awareness of all team members, partners and customers about the importance of their role

Involvement of the team in local social and environmental solidarity initiatives.

our actions towards the community and the region

Donation of furniture and decorative items to local institutions.

Blood Donation Campaign

Construction of nests made of recycled materials by the families of our team members to place in the Hotel’s trees;

Volunteer Campaigns

Collection of clothing for donation to local institutions.

Skin cancer awareness campaign. Supported by the Portuguese League against cancer, this initiative included sunscreen distribution and the showcasing of children’s artworks highlighting protection measures, to raise awareness.


As part of our commitment to environmental and social sustainability, we received the Green Key award and Wyndham Green certification, level 3 (Proficiency). 

The internationally awarded program, The Green Key promotes Portugal’s sustainable tourism by recognizing establishments with sustainable practices. This initiative is run by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and is coordinated in Portugal by the Associação Bandeira Azul da Europa (ABAE).

The Wyndham Green is a program consisting of five progressive levels, with five to seven sets of best practices that address energy and water conservation, waste diversion, operational efficiency, and guest and team member education and engagement.


Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is the world’s largest environmental education organisation, with members in 77 countries. Through their five ground-breaking programmes, they encourage people to act and help create a more sustainable world.